Name:  Cicero Carr

Stage name/nickname:  Cicero

Main instrument: Bass

Main genre: Gospel

Other genres: Jazz, blues

Other instruments: Guitar, piano, alto and baritone saxophone

First instrument: Bass

Playing since: He was 7 years old. Forty years.

Birthplace:  Bartow

YouTube Poster

Musical influences: Marcus Miller, Stanley Clarke, Roy Clark, James Jamison

Strongest point when making/playing music: Improvisation and locking that basic groove. I am a very groove oriented guy.

Other musical projects: Connect, various session recordings in the studio as a professional musician. Previously worked onstage with Chaka Khan, Donnie McClurkin, Helen Baylor, CeCe Winans, Taye Ricks, Chazz Hall, Everton Campbell, Derrick Light, Joseph Jevanni.

Frequency of performances: Three times a week.

Desired frequency: Four times a week.

Number of venues played: Well over a hundred venues. That is so easy, I mean easily well over a hundred venues.

Covers, originals or both: Both.

Comments on the Lakeland music scene: (laughing) We need more diversity. It’s mundane, honestly.

Thoughts on how to get more people out to listen to live music: Honestly, I think the people would come out if they are informed about it. Most individuals prefer live music. Most people have a wide array of music they listen to. When they step out of the house, they don’t get that.

Anything else?  Been playing the Pink Piano. Just for instance this weekend I am doing a benefit in Tampa with Groove Therapy with Derek Smith. I’m like a hired gun (he says, laughing) I’m a free lancer.

Social Media: Facebook

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