Devoted husband and father, David Norman Magazine, sadly left us on 3-22-23. He passed peacefully after a grueling 3-year health battle. Those who know his journey would agree he was the bravest warrior through it all. We honor this amazing man and his beautiful memory, eternally. David was born in Brooklyn, New York to Rae Holtzman Magazine, a poet and teacher, and Joseph Magazine, a podiatrist and artist. He was born into a huge, tight-knit family with a deeply rich history. Growing up, he enjoyed playing handball with his friends, collecting stamps, and spending summers in upstate NY with his family. He was a little mischievous, but all in good fun.

David was gifted with a brilliant mind. So advanced, he skipped grades in school and always excelled academically. Longing to explore and ‘fly the proverbial coop’ he and some childhood friends from Montgomery Street joined the United States Navy. He proudly served his country aboard the USS Forrestal and gave a couple of years to the reserves. He deeply respected the service and each year he thanked soldiers before every Thanksgiving meal.

David went on to graduate from Long Island University. After graduating, he accepted a full scholarship to Meharry Medical School in Nashville where he earned his doctorate in medicine. He made his dream of becoming a physician a reality and took with him an unwavering love of music. He could play any instrument but especially loved the bass guitar, piano, and whaling on the timbales. His musicality was on another level. He absolutely ‘felt’ the power of music and impressed others with his ability to create amazing sounds.

His journey returned him to New York. He completed his internship and residency (chief) in internal medicine and infectious disease at New York’s Flower and Fifth Avenue Hospitals. He landed in Manhattan, at Metropolitan Hospital where he met his beloved wife, Carmen. It was love at first sight. He was completely smitten and in awe of her beauty. He embraced her Latina culture, loved her family, enjoyed the music, and especially delighted in the cuisine. He enjoyed dancing and would always pull his daughters onto the dance floor for a couple of rounds. Carmen and David were married for 46 years, and together for 49 years….a beautiful love story.

The newlyweds honeymooned in San Francisco, after relocating to the Los Angeles area. David became the Director of the LA County Emergency Department and was a professor of emergency medicine at UCLA. The stories he shared about his time there always made for an interesting conversation. Los Angeles brought them loads of fun and good food. It’s also where their first daughter Carla made her debut. He would gush that he immediately picked her out from all of the other babies in the nursery. David relocated his growing family to Michigan where he went on to complete his fellowship in Gastroenterology and liver diseases at Wayne State University School of Medicine (Professor). Detroit is where his second daughter, Joanna (his twin) joined the family, making their perfect little tribe complete. Fleeing the cold, the Magazine family relocated to Lakeland where David, better known as Dr. Magazine, served his community for 30 years with his healing hands and analytical mind. Many times, he was able to accurately diagnose people over the phone…a true genius. He believed in science and the art of medicine. He cared about helping people with an empathetic heart and never gave up on his patients. He was the first doctor to diagnose AIDS in Polk County back in the 80s. David generously gave his time to the health and care of others both in private practice and at Lakeland Regional Medical Center. It was his life’s work. He was forced into retirement after suffering a heart attack, which was brought on while watching an exciting boxing match. A couple of months later he had a surgically induced stroke. (His case was written up in the New England Journal of Medicine.) In his final years, his craft and a slew of equally caring people helped him, too.

David was an endless source of information and advice. He could answer any question and intelligently speak about literally any topic. He would sit for hours conversing with friends, dishing out advice-solicited or otherwise. He was best known for his amazing sense of humor and fun-loving spirit. He smiled with his mouth wide open and laughed with his whole heart. He was always cracking a joke or throwing out a zinger. No one was spared from his quick wit. Some of the best lessons he taught include the importance of family, prioritizing education, respecting people, embracing differences, finding joy in life, never giving up…and always asking ‘why’. He often referred to quotes. One of his family favorites was ‘actions speak louder than words’. A value they hold near their hearts. He enjoyed music, traveling out west, collecting art and antiques, flying radio control airplanes, and watching a good war movie or western…..he was always tinkering with something. David especially loved being a son/brother-in-law and an uncle, roles he took seriously and poured love into.

His story is as fascinating as he was. He worked tirelessly to give his family the most beautiful life, for which they are eternally grateful. They know he loved them with all his being. His children are his legacy, an honor they treasure. He regularly and proudly told his children - “I made you”. He always made them feel like they were his greatest creations.

We can’t close David’s book without recognizing the unwavering love, care, and commitment of his wife Carmen. She has been an amazing wife, mother, and source of strength for her family. She is fiercely brave, and her loyalty has been remarkable. She never left his side - spending many sleepless nights in hospital chairs and beds. She cared for him around the clock, selflessly. She demonstrated what it means to be there ‘in sickness and in health’…and she did it with the biggest love for him and her family.

The family would like to extend heartfelt thanks to our friends and family for being by our side through some of the darkest and brightest days for three long years. The gift of prayers, loving visits/calls, encouragement, and providing a soft place to land are parts of this journey they will never forget. Biggest love to David’s best friends Dr. Luis Vera and Dr. Hugo Tapia who came to the house and hospital to care for him like brothers and personal doctors sometimes every day, for 3 years. Our endless gratitude goes out to Dr. Ruben Adriano and Dr. Ricardo Vilches for never giving up on David and helping his family when they needed it most. Highest praise for the nursing teams at Lakeland Regional Hospital who advocated for him and showed tremendous care and skill.

David was loved by so many….and he loved right back. He was and always will be an amazing man….son, brother, cousin, husband, father, son/brother-in-law, uncle (Tio), teacher, and healer. He was affectionally known to his children as Papi, their favorite little Billy Goat.

He will be deeply missed every moment of every day, forever. He is forever loved - “a million, billion, trillion, gazillion”. May he rest in eternal peace.

Condolences may be sent to the family at Heath Funeral Chapel.

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