Amazon is planning a nine-figure expansion of its air cargo facility at Lakeland Linder Airport that is expected to increase daily flights to 36 in 2022 and 44 by 2027, Tampa Bay Business Journal reports. The e-commerce giant plans to lease an additional 63 acres west of its current 47 acres and add 464,000 square feet to the existing 223,000-square-foot sorting center that opened last July. “Amazon puts us on the map whether it’s for [future] commercial air service or [maintenance, repair, and overhaul] — people are paying attention,” airport Director Gene Conrad said.

Source: Tampa Bay Business Journal

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  1. I feel very proud...just like a parent watching their child grow into maturity, graduate from college and now is in the BIG TIME! analysis may be a little graphic and dramatic, but I am truly proud of LAKELAND

  2. Lakeland and Polk County are blessed to have two dynamic, energetic transportation directors in Tom Phillips with Citrus Connection and Gene Conrad at Lakeland Linder Airport. Their far reaching visions of our future and practical sensibilities for getting there are setting up our transportation systems for long term success.

  3. Actually, Plant City is...look at what happened to the former strawberry fields across County Line Rd. at Drane Field. It's an embarrassment. Row after row of warehouses.

  4. I remember a few years ago with the first runway extension proposal, residents in the glide path were promised no flights before 7 am, none after 7 pm, and no big jets. Funny how that worked out.

  5. Hope it opens to flights on spirit landing there. It would be nice to not have to go to I-4 to Orlando or Tampa. But that brings another problem I-4 with more trucks in the area. Polk City outskirts needs some lights also.

  6. I can see the Frustration that Residents have about all the Flights over their Houses and that if The Runway Extension Project promised no flights before and after a Certain Time its Sad that Our City Leaders just happened to forget about it.

  7. I didn’t move back to Lakeland for this. My neighborhood used to be filled with the sound of birds singing. Now it’s the drone of jets that sound like they’re landing on the block behind my house.

  8. Congratulations for Lakeland! All LAL needs is dedicated passenger service to complete the circle.

  9. What do you expect? What is the profit margin on strawberries versus selling to developers?

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