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List of famous journalists paid by Malik Riaz

14th June, 2012 become a day of surprises for both media and their followers as first a leaked offline conversation of a talk show provoked public anger against media and then a 3 pager list of famous journalists’ paid by Bahria Town tells people that Money Can Buy Anything in Pakistan.

Venus Transit: Avoid looking at Sun directly on June 6

Observation without proper eye protection or without using suitable and reliable filters may lead to permanent blindness. In this regard, SUPARCO warned people to do proper eye care measures before viewing the event.

Mufti saab your sister Veena did it again

Mufti saab don’t worry about the angry Pakis as they are angry only because they don’t want to swallow the fact about Indian men watching Veena’s picture by holding the magazine with their one hand. So let Pakis cry as who cares about them anyways?

Welcome to new Pakistan: Imran Khan

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chief Imran Khan while addressing to a huge rally at Minar-e-Pakistan said that his party has begun a movement of new Pakistan.

Who the hell made Sikander Bakht a presenter?

A rude mistake by Sikander Bakht who skipped the name of Sania Mirza while welcoming guests during the prize distribution ceremony of Faysal Bank T-20 final at National Stadium Karachi.

Google Earth making targets easy for terrorirsts in Pakistan

Aqeel alias Osman, the only terrorist among nine, that was captured during GHQ attack has revealed that the planning of attack was made with the help of Google Earth and it took several months to finalize the strategy including bringing weapons to Rawalpindi.

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