FBR challenges Ombudsman’s decision to raise prices of cigarettes

Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) has challenged the Federal Ombudsman’s decision to raise the prices of cigarettes on WHO frame work convention (FCTC) and to keep the cigarettes from the access of youths.

According to spokesman of FBR Dr. Mohammad Iqbal that under the law framed by parliament
Federal Ombudsman has no authority to decide such cases. He said the power to reject or amend the parliament decisions rests with the parliament or Supreme Court, whereas the parliament has allowed to decrease the prices of cigarettes. He said under such scenario FO can not declare it as illegal.

PANAH contention was that the decision to decrease the prices is based on the data provided by Tobacco Industry. In the petition PANAH has charged that FBR is not working in line with the rules.

Pakistan is amongst 128 countries of the world which had signed the WHO FCTC convention, but this law has never been implemented in the country.

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