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Aven Field London property: NAB got ownership proofs

Proofs of ownership and all other necessary documents of Aven Field London- a property of Nawaz’s children have been received by National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

Supplementary references would likely be filed in the light of these evidences against three children of Nawaz Sharif.

Sources told NAB that the team visited Britain under supervision of Director General (DG) NAB Lahore has got the said proofs.

Nawaz lied in Supreme Court (SC) that he has no ownership on property of Aven Field London and it was gifted to Maryam Nawaz by a Qatari prince.

SC constituted Joint Investigation Team (JIT) to probe corruption of Nawaz and his children which contacted Britain and other countries.

Online learnt reliably that NAB team has gathered information about London property containing copy of agreement signed by actual owner of flats and Sharifs.

NAB sources said that it has been crystal clear that Maryam Nawaz told lie about London property in the court and before public also.

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