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Biggest Haram meat scandal appears in Rawalpindi needs authorities’ attention

RAWALPINDI: A map shared by a concerned citizen has revealed that ‘Haram’ meat is being sold in several areas of city with the involvement of police and close relatives of a leading private TV channel journalist.

A citizen Mukhtar Ahmad has drawn the attention of media and Chief Minister Punjab Shahbaz Sharif towards this horrible act by drawing the whereabouts of shops and homes from where these obnoxious activities are happening since long.

The map shows four famous areas of Rawalpindi where different groups are running this illegal business. Two men Ishtiaq and his partner Zebi are running their shop in Liaqat Bagh and  Arya Mohalla. According to details given on the map, the shutter of their shop remained locked, a trick to avoid any expected raid however workers remain inside the shop and continue making ‘Haram’ meat. They also have a back gate to run in case of any raid.

The second area shown on the map Alfatah Mosque and Moti Mahal Cenima which is run by Riaz AKA Khala. They do their activities at 03:00am to 4:00am.

The third area is run by Abdul Waheed and it is located near Chaudhry Sarfraz Road. They do their activities at 02:30 am to 04:00 am.

The fourth shop is located near Bahbra Bazar and is being run by a men names Sufi Younas.

According to Mukhtar Ahmad, the whole business is being run with the permission of police while a relative of a leading private and oldest TV channel journalist is also involved in this illegal business.

They also have fake stamps which they put on hazardous meat before selling.

The information provided by Mukhtar also reveals that these groups are paying 20,000 RS each per month to local police for not interrupting their activities.

Mukhtar requested and media to raid the locations he has provided and take strict action against the groups.

News of such incidents are becoming common these days as several cases of Donkey, Dog and underage animals had previously been reported by media, however no strict measures were taken in those cases, which encourage more people to get themselves involve in this horrific business.

Here’s the image of the map.


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