Indian occupation in Kashmir caused brutal massacre of Kashmiris: Naqash

SRINAGAR: Senior Hurriyat member and Chairman Islamic Political Party (JK) Mohammad Yousuf Naqash has said that Kashmir is a festering sore which has caused brutal massacre of millions of Kashmiris at the hands of Indian occupation forces besides death and destruction in sub continent and south Asia.

Naqash said this during corner meetings at Saidpora, Dara and Theed here on Sunday.

Though Pakistan and people of Kashmir are sincerely engaged in its peaceful solution of this sensitive issue but India with the arrogance of military might has adopted unrealistic and obdurate policy for impeding its lasting solution.

While as it is the historical fact that India itself referred the case to United Nations Organization for the Right to self determination to the people here. India is hell bent on curbing and crushing the voice of freedom through military might by subjecting people to oppression and cruelty and is hatching conspiracies for curbing and crushing ongoing movement aimed at freedom from the forced occupation and oppression of India and also misleading world through unfounded and fake pretexts.

He was accompanied by many party leaders and activists including Shah Ghulam Hassan,Mushtaq Ahmad Bhat, Mohammad Yousuf Mir,Nazir Ahmad Sofi, Mohammad Abass Bhat and Tantray Ejaz.Naqash further said that for the peace and progress in sub content  and south Asia lasting and honorable solution of Kashmir as per the wishes and aspirations of its people i.e. Freedom from Indian forced occupation and oppression is must. As the People of Kashmir are perpetually struggling and supremely sacrificing only for this sole objective and will never allow this struggle and sacrifices go waste.

He stressed people to remain vigilant from pro India parties as they are befooling them on the name of solution of Kashmir and shedding crocodile tears on human rights violations for gaining favor in Indian staged fraud elections. Actually they are hand in glow with India, helping it strengthen its illegal occupation and their hands are soaked in the blood of Kashmiri people. So it is necessary to maintain distance from them because any type of intimacy with them is treason with the sacred ongoing movement.

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