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Terrorist attack foiled in Muzaffarabad

Muzaffarabad: Police averted terrorist plot here and apprehended the perpetrators along with 7 kg explosive and 180 feet explosive wire.

More revelations are being expected from the captured terrorist.

Public and social circles have congratulated Muzaffarabad police on the successful operation.

According to the details, on the direction of SSP Raja Shafqat Tanweer Muzaffarabad IHC Mohamed Parvez along with Murad Hussain Shah, Mansoor Gillani and Kashif raided and arrested Mohammed Israr son of Ameer Mohammed of Bara agency and foiled the terrorist plans.

The terrorist is being interrogated and new revelation is expected.

People of Muzaffarabad have congratulated police on the successful operation and have expected that police vilgence will continue in future.

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