Monsoon rains raise water level in Simly dam

ISLAMABAD: Director General of Water Management, Capital Development Authority, Sanaullah Aman has said the recent monsoon rains have raised the water level in Simly dam and Khanpur dam.

Sanaullah Aman said water level in Simly dam has risen by 13 feet and that in Khanpur dam by four feet.

Owing to the rise in the level of water in the two dams, CDA will increase water supply to Islamabad, he noted.

Previously, CDA supplied 22 million gallons of water to Islamabad and now it will supply 24 million gallons to the federal capital, he added.

DG Water Management, CDA, Sanaullah Aman claimed water-crisis in Islamabad will be resolved completely as a result of more monsoon rains in near future.

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