Bulleh Shah’s Urs celebrations start in Kasur

KASUR : Celebrations of renowned mystic poet Baba Bulleh Shah’s Urs have started in Kasur.

A large number of people and lovers of the Sufi poet are thronging his shrine in great numbers to attend Urs celebrations.

Women devotees, carrying oil lamps in their hands, are seen making pledges on the shrine as part of a Sufi ritual.

People put a floral wreath on the shrine of the mystic poet who disseminated the message of love, brotherhood and peace to the humanity.

Followers of the great mystic are also giving offerings at his shrine. One one hand, his verses are being sung by artists while on the other hand Malangs are dancing to the beats of drums oblivious to the surroundings.

Celebrations would continue till August 26. Tight security arrangements have been made on this occasion.

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