300 brothels operating in Islamabad

ISLAMABAD: Prostitution is on the rise in Federal Capital as around 300 new brothels have been opened , in addition to illegal pubs.

According to sources, these brothels are operating in sector G-10, G-11, Shahzad town, Burma town, Alipur, Ghauri town, Pakistan town, adjoining locality of Khanna bridge, Shakaryal and Pak PWD colony, especially in the jurisdiction of 3 police stations.

According to sources, the police station that covers areas also including Ghauri town has made a strategy to eliminate all the brothels operating in the area without the distinction of old and new ones.

Police has also begun action against the old prostitution-houses in Shahzad town, leaving aside the newly established brothels, and has received appreciation from the high-ups. It is expected that minor action against the old houses of prostitution will continue in the coming days.

The local police is aware of the practice of prostitution going on in residential flats and bungalows in sector G-11, and a particular place is also told to have a group of 50 prostitutes. It is a favorite location of certain influential officials, sources said.

A spokesperson of federal police has said that it resolves to take stern action against such criminals on priority basis and the high-level officials perform their duties with complete responsibility.

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