Pakistan, India agree to soften visa policy

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan and India agreed to revamp visa policy for each other whereas India handed over more proofs against Hafiz Saeed to Pakistan by terming him master mind of Mumbai attacks.

The two days round of Pak-India talks at Secretary Interior level were begun here on Thursday in which Secretary Interior Khawaja Siddiq Akbar and his Indian counterpart R.K. Singh alongwith their aides participated.

On the first day of the talks, both Pakistan and India discussed the matters relating to increase the cooperation against terrorism, narcotics control , transfer of prisoners and soften the visa policy.

It was decided that both the sides would review the agreement signed in 1974 on visa policy and a new policy would be developed .

On the occasion of first day , the Indian Secretary Interior R.K. Singh told the reporters that the negotiation was held in very cordial atmosphere and both the countries talked openly on Mumbai attacks and Samjohata Express .

He said that weighing the two incidents of Mumbai attacks and Samjohata Express in the same scale would not be appropriate, however both countries would make joint efforts to eradicate terrorism.

Responding a question the Indian Secretary said that Hafiz Saeed is the actual mastermind of Mumbai Attacks and India has handed over some more proofs against him. Now Pakistan would utilize these proofs as evidences against Hafiz Saeed . He hoped that the talks would move forward in a positive manner.

On the occasion, Secretary Interior Khawaja Siddiq Akbar told the journalists that the during talks India has also raised the issue of Surbajeet Singh’s release , but Pakistan would deiced in accordance with the law.

He said that the matter of Mumbai attacks is in the court of law, so he can not comment on it.

The sources informed Online that India has shown apprehension on the investigation of Mumbai attacks and demanded Pakistan to take strict action against Hafiz Saeed.

The second round of talks would be held on Friday (today) and after that the joint declaration would be issued.

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