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WB to provide $150m to BISP

ISLAMABAD: The World Bank Monday signed an agreement to provide Benazir Income Support Programme (BISP) $ 150 million to support Waseela-e-Taleem Scheme.

The project aimed to impart education to 3 million children of 6 million beneficiary families of the programme across Pakistan. The project agreements in this regard have been signed between the BISP, the World Bank and Economic Affairs Division.

Waseela-e-Taleem initiative of BISP is being launched to provide incentive of Rs. 200 per child per month, up to maximum of three children per family, for sending them to school.

BISP is collaborating with various provincial governments to start enrolling BISP beneficiaries’ children who are unable to attend school due to poor socio-economic conditions of their families.

Rachid Benmessaoud on the occasion congratulated Chairperson BISP, Farzana Raja on receiving Hilal-e-Imtiaz, which is one of the most prestigious civilian awards in Pakistan.

The Country Director of the World Bank said, “I believe this award is a due recognition of her leadership and contributions in making BISP an objective, transparent, and technology based national safety net system’’.

While appreciating the technology based operations of BISP country director World Bank highlighted further that BISP has an independent management board, a comprehensive programme MIS, and has recently launched a grievance redressal system to assist beneficiaries in speedy resolution of their complaints.

Highlighting the transparency of BISP he said that measures like third party evaluations, spot checks, and audits are strengthening the control and accountability of the programme.

Rachid Benmessaoud further added that introduction of Benazir Smart/Debit card of BISP has ensured technology driven payment to the BISP beneficiaries.

Farzana Raja thanked the World Bank, on behalf of the Government of Pakistan, for its continued technical and financial assistance to BISP. She added that BISP is committed to provide benefits to its beneficiary families on fast rack and in a transparent and effective manner.

Country Director Rachid Benmessaoud appreciated the self-accountability systems of BISP, which have contributed further in the transparency of the programme. He said that the state of the art mechanisms adopted by BISP are being appreciated world over and the programme has set new precedents in the socials sector.

He further said that the Bank will continue providing assistance to BISP, furthermore other development partners like DFID and ADB are also considering using the common framework for their support to BISP being the flagship safety net initiative of the Government.

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