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Pakistani rupee hits low record against US dollar

ISLAMABAD: Pakistani rupee hit a record low as it was traded at 91.35 to the dollar in the open market on Monday.

Pakistan Rupees rate was in a continue declining trend against US Dollar and other major currencies of the world since the year 2012 started.

Most of the analysts were pointing out that the raise of exchange rate on account of oil transactions, when ever Pak rupee forex rate loose its strength against US Dollar rate, The other currencies also get impact with a view of the currency rates in Pakistan from the beginning of Jan, 2012.

As per Inter Bank currency rates on Jan 3, the selling rate of Pak Rupee rate against US $ was Rs. 89.8 while the buying rate touched Rs. 89.6. Similarly Rs.116.52 selling and Rs.116.26 against Euro exchanges rate.

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