Ready to appear before court in Asghar Khan case: Nawaz

DUBAI: Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz President Nawaz Sharif Thursday has resolved that he would definitely appear before the Supreme Court if summoned.

Talking to reporters on Thursday in Dubai, he said that PML-N did not take money from agencies and expressed his concern that Pakistan was left alone in the world due to incompetence of the rulers.

He said that the Court(s) who endorsed martial laws were as guilty as those who clamped martial laws in the country.

Sharif said that if martial law had not been imposed, Pakistan would have become an Asian tiger. He claimed that martial would never be imposed in Pakistan in the future.

He said that people should be careful about those trying to impede Pakistan’s path to prosperity.

Sharif said that he broke begging bowl during his tenure as Prime minister of the country while incumbent rulers were rather holding the bowl.

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