Overseas Pakistanis given right to vote

ISLAMABAD: Election Commission of Pakistan on Tuesday approved recommendations allowing overseas Pakistanis to elect country’s leadership by voting in general elections.

The landmark decision came at a meeting of Election Commission chaired by its secretary Ishtiaq Ahmed Khan in Islamabad.

The meeting allowed Pakistanis in overseas to use their right of vote, electing leadership of the country in general elections.

Sources said NADRA database would be used for overseas Pakistanis’ new electoral rolls, and that ballot papers would be sent to them via postal service.

The commission said that over 3.7 million oversees Pakistanis name would be registered in electoral rolls. It said that the nitty-gritty as to how the oversees Pakistani would cast their votes would be decided later.

However, sources in the commission said that all overseas Pakistanis above 18 years of age, having national identity cards for overseas Pakistanis would be eligible to cast their votes for the candidates in their native constituencies from next election.

They further said that now the ECP would approach the ministry of law to seek necessary amendments in the relevant election laws to enable the expats to cast their votes.

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