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Kashmir solidarity day to be observed on Feb 5

ISLAMABAD: Kashmir solidarity day would be observed in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir on Sunday to express solidarity with the people of Kashmir regarding their right to franchise, which was also promised by the United Nations.

The day coincides with 12 Rabi-ul-Awal.

The day being observed annually is of extreme importance to support the popular movement for freedom in Occupied Kashmir.

Rallies will be organized in Pakistan and Azad Kashmir to renew support to the Kashmiris. People will pay homage to the Kashmiri martyrs.

On this day the people and government of Pakistan demonstrate their solidarity with the liberation movement of Kashmir and reassure the Kashmiri people that they are not alone in their righteous struggle. In this connection a number of functions will be organized in different parts of the world.

Kashmir day will also be observed in several countries by Pakistanis and Kashmiris to invite the world attention to the struggle of KAshmiris.

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