Mansoor act as commentator in nude wrestling

ISLAMABAD: A key witness of the Memogate scandal, Mansoor Ijaz is seen as a commentator in a nude wrestling music video that was recorded in 2004.

The video clip is the part of a music video of an Italian producer Junior Jack which he recorded in 2004.

According to Mansoor the video was recorded in 2004 in Brussels. He said that the producer needed a person with an American accent so he asked him to be part of the music video.

He said that he had no idea that he will show nude girls at the end of the video.

Talking to AP Mansoor said that the he was not there when the girls got nude. He said that his wife accompanied him during the recording.

He also showed the emails in which he threatened to sue the video producer.

The video becomes interesting for Pakistani audience as Mansoor Ijaz claims to have important evidence against the Pakistani government in memogate and will appear in the Supreme Court.

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