U.S.-Pakistan F-16 Program is ongoing: embassy

ISLAMABAD: The U.S. embassy in Islamabad Thursday denied reports about a stoppage in the U.S.-Pakistan F- 16 program.

Pakistani military officials were quoted this week as saying that a U.S. aid cutoff would suspend delivery next year of six refitted F-16 aircraft.

“These reports are not accurate. Neither Pakistan nor the United States has cancelled the F-16 program,” the US embassy said in a statement.

The U.S. blocked 800 million dollars military aid last year and froze another 700 million dollar last month. The U.S. has attached tough conditions for aid to Pakistan.

The U.S. embassy statement said that the planned delivery of the last “new-buy” F-16 purchased by Pakistan is scheduled to arrive in Pakistan from the United States in late January, 2012.

“Several other F-16s purchased by Pakistan from the United States are undergoing mid-life upgrades and will arrive in Pakistan beginning in late January,” the statement said.

Deliveries will continue throughout this year and next, it added.

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