Dead body found from UBL plaza as rescue operation completed

ISLAMABAD: The rescue workers have claimed that they successfully rescued all the trapped people in the multi-storey UBL Tower. They deplore that they, however, found a decayed dead body of a young man during the search operation on Friday.

The deceased was identified as Ghulam Fareed of Attock whose body was later shifted to Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) for postmortem. Fareed Khan left a widow and three children behind.

According to details Fareed was working in UBL office for the last six years and he was deployed on 14th floor of the building, but it is still to ascertain that what he was doing on 8th floor, which caught fire.

The management of UBL said they will take care of Fareed’s family and will bear his children educational expenses.

Although the CDA’s Fire & Rescue Directorate put off the fire and claimed that they succeeded in rescuing all the stranded people, and ’all clear’ report was intimated to the control room, of passage and floor clearance in all aspects. No dead body was found in the building during the technical search with sophisticated cameras carried out by a team of Urban Search & Rescue, however the recovery of Fareed Khan’s body from the burnt building left many questions to answers.

Owing to negligence of UBL administration and CDA rescue workers, sanitary worker Gulam Fareed s/o Abdul Karrem lost his battle for life, whose corpse was found when CDA Urban Search and Rescue (USAR) canine component, under the supervision of its commander, and dog-handlers carried out specialized search across the UBL Tower.

Rescue worker Khalil Ahmed said that the canine search was completed in 30 minutes and found the body of Gulam Fareed. He said that Fareed was stuck under the air-conditioned plant and steel rods in the columns of the collapsed floor.

The body of Gulam Fareed was pulled out of the rubble after lapse of 24hours of the incident, but according to rescue workers, the management of UBL didn’t informed the rescue workers about his presence in the building.

“In our profession we always come across disasters,” Zulfiqar Ali”, in charge Fire prevention unit, told PPI. He said that officials monitored the search operation, “But we were helplessness when UBL administration refused to cooperate with us.”

“We did not hear any voice while carrying search operation soon after the incident, however after the recovery of the dead body we are taking more care as if there may any survivor,” said Zulfiqar Ali.

Authorities called off rescue operations at the UBL by late Thursday afternoon, but rescuers continued their search on Friday morning for possible survivors because it was not known how many people remained buried in the rubble of the UBL building.

The family members of Gulam Fareed has demand of the government to conduct the inquiry against UBL management for possible negligence, otherwise legal action would be taken against officials or experts who were responsible for the incident.

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