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Pakistan not to tolerate attacks in future: Zardari

ISLAMABAD: President Zardari has made it clear to US that the any other incident like Mehmond Agency would not be tolerated . The decision regarding vacation of Shamsi Air Base was made with the complete consensus.

He was talking to US Ambassador Cameron Munter who called on him at Aiwan-e-Sadar on Tuesday. The meeting lasted for more than an hour in which situation arose after the Mehmond Agency attack and rift in ties of both countries was discussed. Munter also conveyed an important message of US administration to President Zardari.

The President said that the participation of Pakistan in the war against terrorism should not be taken as its weakness. “If US would not take care of the Pakistan’s interests and sovereignty, it would deteriorate the relations between two countries”, he added.

The President said that Pakistan has rendered lot of sacrifices in the war against terror but the government, army and the people have reservations on unprovoked Mehmond Agency attack. Government would not compromise on the national security and sovereignty .

“Pakistan keeps the right reserved to defend itself ,if such incident would be repeated in future”, he said by adding that the country wants good relations with US.

Cameron Munter showed his mourning over the killing of Pakistani soldiers in NATO attack and ensured President Zardari to extent full cooperation in this regards.

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