7th Avenue heaven for one-wheeling, claims several lives

ISLAMABAD: The 7th Avenue has become a heaven for motorcyclists to indulge in racing and dangerous practice of one-wheeling and not only putting their own lives in danger but also posing danger to others.

The public and social circles of Sector G-7 and G-6 expressing the concern over this serious issue underlined that the fatal traffic accidents and brawls have become routine on that important road.

The people have held the poor strategy of Islamabad Model Traffic Police responsible for the situation and alleged that some influential persons are involved in arranging these races.

They said that after sunset, youths ages from 15 to 30 suddenly appear and the death game starts with racing and one-wheeling by these youngsters. It is interesting to mention here that the youngsters disappear after seeing patrolling vehicles of Traffic Police as their associates on mobiles informed them.

The residents said that it is very easy for these youngsters to identify the vehicles and motorcycles of traffic police and urged police to use other tactics. They said that instead of uniformed police, the task to nab the one-wheelers should be given to police officials in plain clothes.

They said that there is dire need to take strict action against those involved in organizing the racing including imprisonment and heavy fines.

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