Live updates of PTI rally

1550: PST: A very huge number of PTI workers, supporters have gathered for ‘Save Pakistan’ rally.
1623 PST: Pakistan Tehrik-i-Insaaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan arrived at the Minar-e Pakistan.
1630 PST: Leader of PTI Hamid Khan while speaking to workers said that only Imran Khan can save railway, PIA and Pakistan.
1635 PST: Leader of PTI Fozia Qasuri said that there are singers and actors in politics but the leader is only Imran Khan.
1640 PST: Mian Azhar said that Lahories love Islam, Pakistan and Imran Khan. Today’s rally shows that Lahore has woken up.
1720 PST: Maghrib Prayer break
1740 PST: Singer Shahzad Roy performs live in Save Pakistan rallly.
1755 PST: Ahsan Rasheed said that all those should resign who believed PTI will not get support of Lahories.
1700 PST: Singer Shahzaman performs live in the rally.
1812 PST: Secretary General PTI Arif Alvi, said that PTI’s manifesto under the leadership of Chairman Imran Khan PTI will bring change in Pakistan to make it a true democratic Islamic Welfare State. He said that no one can stop this revolution in Pakistan.
1815 PST: Famous musical band Strings perform live during the rally.
1822 PST: National Anthem of Pakistan was played in the rally.
1825 PST: Chairman Pakistan Tehreek Insan Imran Khan comes on stage to speak to rally.
1827 PST: God finally listens our prayers. We struggled for fifteen years and today i can say that we are starting a new Pakistan. I salute Pakistan Media who woken up Pakistan and Lahories. I started my political campaign from Lahore because our Quaid started Pakistan Independence struggle from Lahore. No one neither Nawaz Sharif nor Zardari can stop this revolution. This is not a flood this is tsunami, don’t try to come in front of this. Asif Ali Zardari looted the people of Pakistan by using the name of Bhutto. We will break the partnership of Nawaz-Zardari party.

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