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World Peace Day observed in AJK

MUZAFFARABAD: In order to express solidarity with the peace-keepers across the globe, World Peace Day was celebrated in Pakistan controlled Azad Jammu and Kashmir.

In connection with the WPD, a symposium was organized by Press For Peace (PFP) and Save the Future(STF) -two sister organizations which work for the promotion of peace and awareness and protection about of human rights of in the region.

Addressing the symposium titled ‘Peace and Women political rights’, speakers highlighted the need of role of women in conflict resolution and promotion of democracy.

Rights of the women have been denied in the societies which struggle for peace, however, without women empowerment these disputes could not be resolved, they added.

They speakers demanded more representation for women in parliamentary bodies, decent facilities for women in health, education and other sectors.

Highlighting the reasons of less women participation in democratic process it was observed that inequalities in education, training and resources, psychological and traditional barriers, gender stereotypes were major obstacles which need to be addressed by collective efforts.

It was also demanded to resolve the world disputes, including Kashmir conflict, by peaceful negotiations and participants expressed solidarity with the people who are struggling for their basic rights and peace in different parts of the world.

A large number of women, journalists, lawyers and other civil society members joint the event.

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