Senior journalist, his family members attacked by some unknown persons

ISLAMABAD: Some unknown armed persons attacked home of senior journalist Wahid Sheikh, subjected the family members to violence and injured them after they put up resistance against the bid to hold them hostage.

Senior journalist Wahid Sheikh registered the case with Waris Khan police stating he was at his home on the night between Saturday and Sunday. Four armed persons cut the grill and stormed into his home. They broke the locks and tried to hold him and his family members hostage at gunpoint. Wahid Sheikh and his father in law started crying for help. When the armed persons spotted the Mohalla fellows gathering round his home in response to call for help, the armed persons injured the family members and fled from the scene by hurling threats of dire consequences.
Wahid Sheikh told the attackers were using urdu language while hurling threats but their accent was Pushto.

The journalist’s organisations strongly condemned the incident and expressed solidarity with Wahid Sheikh.

Pervez Shaukat, President Pakistan Federal Union of Journalist, Tahid Rathore, President RIUJ, Afzal Butt, President of National Press Club, Ahmad Latif, President Punjab Journalist Association and office bearers of Rawalpindi crime and court reporter association denounced the dastardly act of manhandling of family members of Wahid Sheikh and demanded of the federal and provincial government to arrest the culprits as soon as possible besides bringing them to justice.

Police have registered the case and started investigation.

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