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Newly elected members of AJK assembly sworn

MUZAFFARABAD: Newly elected 45 members of Azad Kashmir legislative assembly were sworn in oath on Monday.

Speaker Assembly Chaudary Anwar Ul Haq administered the oath.

Pakistan People s Party and PML-N have nominated their candidates for Speaker and Deputy Speaker of AJK Legislative Assembly.

PML-N members Raja Farooq Hyder and Chaudhry Tariq Farooq refused to take oath in protest against rigging in the elections.

PPP has nominated Sardar Ghulam Sadiq for Speaker and Shaheen Dar for Deputy Speaker, while PML-N has nominated Raja Muhammad Siddique for Speaker and Yaseen Gulshan for Deputy Speaker.

Sardar Ghulam Sadiq would be elected as the 11th Speaker of the AJK Assembly.

Gulam Sadiq has been elected from LA-18 Poonch. He was elected as member of the Lagislative Assembly for three times and once as member Kashmir Council.

Shaheen Kausar, who has been nominated as Deputy Speaker by PPP, has been elected for the first time on women’s reserved seat.

PPP can now form Kashmir government without the help of any political party.

Moreover, Pakistan People’s party won six out of eight reserved seats of Azad Kashmir Legislative Assembly, including, 3 women, one technocrat, one overseas Kashmiris, and one Ulema seat.

On women seats Shaheen Kausar, Shazia Akbar and Sadaf Sheikh have won on PPP tickets. Wajid-ur-Rehman won on the overseas Kashmiris seat while Sardar Abid has won on technocrat’s seat.

Pir Atiqur Rehman won on Ulema and Mashaikh’s seat. Joint candidate of MQM, Muslim Conference and PPP Mehr-un-Nisa also won.

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