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Billion of rupees betted in the name of prospective AJK PM

ISLAMABAD: Gamblers have betted billion of rupees in the name of prospective prime minister of AJK.

Well-placed sources told foreign investors of Pakistan origin had gathered in Muzaffarabad and Islamabad to support their favourite candidates for the top slot of AJK premier.

Billion of rupees had been betted in the name of Barrister Sultan Mehmood, Chaudhry Yasin, Chaudhry Abdul Majid and Sardar Yaqub for premiership of AJK.

Sources told Barrister Sultan Mehmood who enjoyed support of foreign ambassadors in Pakistan and establishment was making all out efforts to attain the seat of prime minister. Active leaders of Zardari House Islamabad are engaged in lobbying for appointment of Chaudhry Yasin as AJK prime minister. Barrister Sultan Mehmood and Chaudhry Yasin have met GOC Murree but the latter is distancing him from this matter.

Sources told Online Chaudhry Abdul Majid was enjoying full fledged support of president Asif Ali Zardari, PPP central leadership and parliamentary committee of AJK PPP.

Senior leadership of PPP has given green signal for induction of Chaudhry Abdul Majid as AJK Prime Minister.

Sources told PPP leadership was likely to announce the name of new prime minister of AJK within 48 hours.

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