Lead Pakistan to organize action lab on 23rd to 25th July

ISLAMABAD: Continuing the trend of innovation, LEAD Pakistan, a nonprofit organization, is once again ready to sow the seeds of words on the ground of discussion, by organizing a three day event called action lab Inspiring Leadership for Sustainable Development from 23rd to 25th July, 2011 at Islamabad, Pakistan.

The event is called action lab for its unique structure that includes interactions with key panelists and subject matter experts, creating a policy think tank, donor marketing, strategic thinking exercises and studying the design of LEAD’s interventions on Sustainable Development.

More than twenty five inspiring speakers, sixteen moderators and a large number of guests from all walks of life are going to discuss eighteen different topics on three consecutive days.

Policy Dialogue on Climate Compatible Development, Roundtable on MDGs and Health, Panel on Leadership, Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Media discussion Forum, Policy, Governance, Devolution & 18th Amendment are the few topics that will be addressed during the event.

Those who are interested to join the event can register themselves by logging the official website of action lab.

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