Environment strategy needed to save Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan’s future and progress could only be secured by implementing the planned strategy for environment.

This was said by Dr. Ishfaq Ahmad, advisor in Planning Commission of Pakistan, on Tuesday while addressing a seminar on ‘Strategic Environment Assessment: Greening the Development Planning in Pakistan’ organized by the planning commission in collaboration with IUCN and Netherlands Commission for Environment Assessment (NCEA) here in a local hotel.

He said that global warming and environmental changes are serious problems to the country like Pakistan. Pakistan population is growing with fast pace and it is now the 6th populous country in the world.

He said that temperature in the world is on increase and two degree increase was noticed recently.

He said that national conservation strategy of Pakistan is addressing multiple issues in this connection and would be helpful to save our environment, lives and economic achievements.

NCEA Technical Secretary Dr. Bobbi Schijf, Strategic Environment Assessment (SEA) Expert Dr. Pervaiz Naeem, IUCN Pakistan Country Representative Shah Murad Aliani also spoke on this occasion.

Bobbi Schijf said that SEA mean an assistance and help for all type of planning in various sectors. It would minimize environmental risk if kept in mind while planning and also provide a tool for the government choose among different options, she added.

Speakers, on this occasion stressed the need for a strategy on provincial level to address the issue of environment. They agreed that after 18th amendment which implied devolution of certain subjects including environment to the provinces, responsibilities of the local governments in the country has increased.

They said that though planning set up on provincial level do exist but any province can utilize services of the planning commission in issues like environment and others.

In 1986, planning for National Conservative Strategy started and in 1992 it was approved. They said that though a strategy need to be assessed from to time but following the approved strategy would minimize losses in Pakistan due to health of environment.

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