US forces jammed Pakistan radar system

ISLAMABAD: US forces prior to launching an attack on Osama Bin Laden well inside Pakistan had jammed the country’s radar system to escape detection.

According to media reports, between 8:15 to 8:30 pm Sunday night two helicopters carrying 20 to 25 US marines flew from Batgram Airbase in Afghanistan and traveled 120 km well inside Pakistan in 30 to 35 minutes

Prior to entering Pakistan airspace they jammed the radars system and were flying low level and entered Pakistan area. Due to jammers the radars could not pick them up. The helicopters were well equipped with night vision equipments and through satellite they had located the target. The entire operation was controlled from Batgram, sources told.

Official forces further told that inside the compound housing Osama bin Laden was of two floors. On the second floor Osama and his two brothers and a Kuwaiti guard were present.

While in the Ground floor his Yemeni wife, 8 to 9 children were present.

Sources told that when one of the helicopter made an attempt to land it was fired on and became dysfunctional. The second chopper was used for the attack. Sources told that the US forces themselves destroyed the first copter as they did not want to leave evidence

In the attack five people including Osama bin Laden, his brother, one woman believed to be his wife, his Kuwaiti guard and another man was killed

The US forces took the dead body of Osama and his brother into custody while left the remaining, which were removed by Pakistan security agencies and injured were taken to the hospital, sources told

Sources also told that Pakistan and US forces were in constant touch and intelligence was duly shared however the US did not take Pakistan onboard when they would be launching the attack.

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  1. What a country i’m living in if they didn’t have ability to detect american’s helicopters then how this army can protect us from other intruders 

  2. Its not about country its all about technology.

    The goal of stealth technology is to make an airplane invisible to radar. There are two different ways to create invisibility:

    The airplane can be shaped so that any radar signals it reflects are reflected away from the radar equipment.
    The airplane can be covered in materials that absorb radar signals.


  3. this is a joke .
    This all is a game of zardari’s and us and kyani .
    Nothing is jam and hick everything is ok any thing is good working only politics and army officer not working he need money and america is give and take money for zardari’s and army officer this why .

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