New alliance aims to rob people: Shahbaz


Criticizing to-be-formed new alliance in center, Shahbaz said: “The magic happening in Islamabad has to do nothing with bringing prosperity in lives of people instead it’s an open drama.”

CM Punjab was addressing a gathering organized by PML-N in connection with Labour Day on May 1st at a local school here.

“The conspiracy being hatched in Islamabad for last couple of days aims merely at robbing Pakistan and its poor people of whatever little wealth remains in national treasure,” Shahbaz alleged, insisting that government did nothing to bring back the looted money, evident from Punjab Bank scam, Rs.76 billion of NICL scandal case and Hajj corruption scam.

“PML-N will not at any cost let such plot succeeded in its nefarious designs,” he vowed. Shahbaz revealed that Quaid PML-N Mian Mohammed Nawaz Sharif would make a comeback soon.

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