PML-Q Sindh decides to join Govt

Karachi: The Central Executive Committee of Pakistan Muslim League (Q) Sindh chapter on Tuesday decided to join coalition government in Sindh however the Provincial President, Ghuos Bukhsh Maher has been given task to take final decision in this regard.

Under the headship of Ghuos Bukhsh Mehar, Provincial Secretary General Haleem Adil Sheikh and other members participated in the Provincial Central Executive Committee. According to sources, some members oppose the proposal of joining the coalition government arguing that this step could be hazardous for the party because the government has failed to deliver and people are fed-up with it. The committee, however, has demonstrated confidence over Provincial President and given him authority to take the final decision.

Talking to media after the meeting Mehar said that decision to join coalition government in the province would be taken in greater national interest and party benefits. He said that his party does not want to derail the democratic government.

Mehar further said that PML-Q did not want government of technocrats in the country. He said they would support his party leader Ch. Shujaat Hussain if he decided to join the government in Center.

He condemned the statement of Shahbaz Sharif and said that Punjab Chief Minister attempted to create clash between the provinces. Ghuos Bukhsh Mehar further said that former Sindh Chief Minister Arbab Raheem was isolated by loosing party supports and possessed only two MPAs. Sources claimed that PML-Q Sindh chapter wanted that if their party joins the government then they must be given appropriate representation in the Center as well as in the provinces.

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