Power crisis worsen across Pakistan

LAHORE/PESHAWAR: Power crisis in the country has worsened the power shortfall has peaked to as high as 6,000 megawatt.

According to a private TV channel, the grid stations remain closed for several hours not only in the day, but also in the night making the ordinary citizen’s life unbearable.

The PSO reportedly stopped 30,000 tons per day supply of furnace oil to Pepco for non-payment of their piled up dues on account of oil supply, rendering several powerhouses idle for the last four days.

Pepco arrears against PSO supplies reaches over Rs200 billions spurring the worst ever power crisis in the country, the report added.

The total power generation currently recorded at 9,500 megawatt, while the demand has shot up to 15,500 megawatt, thus leaving Pepco to face a shortfall of 6,000 megawatts.

Thus, the duration of electricity load shedding in the major cities like Lahore reached to 12 hours, while in the district and Tehsil headquarters it jumped up to 18 hours and in rural areas to as much as 20 hours, the report said.

All the industrial organizations in the province of Punjab including the capital city announced to stage a protest strike on April 26 against the tormenting load shedding.

Meanwhile, reports from Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) areas like Swabi, Mardan, Peshawar, and others suggested that electricity supply in the province remained suspended for more that 12 hours. The situation further deteriorated business sector in militancy and calamity hit areas of the province besides irking the people already facing difficulties due to various problems.

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