Imran gives ultimatum to Govt to stop drone strikes

Peshawar: Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf, Imran Khan on Sunday warned the government that if it failed to stop US drone strikes in Tribal area within one month, people of Pakistan would halt the NATO supplies across the country and march toward Islamabad.

Addressing to thousands participants at last day of sit-in here in Peshawar, PTI chief Imran Khan said that Pakistani civilians were being brutally killed from last 8 years by US drone attacks.

He gave one month ultimatum to government to stop US drone strikes in tribal areas or else people of Pakistan would come on roads and stop the NATO supplies, Imran Khan also warned the government that in case of failure, people would march towards the capital.

He said that the government had failed to provide protection to the people but now no one would be allowed to target innocent Pakistanis.

Khan added that the parliament’s resolutions against the drone attacks could not stop the drone hits because the matter was fixed at higher levels.

Imran Khan said that the strike was the beginning of a revolution and change. He said that fear of America is in the hearts of the people. He added that if the people in the United States or Britain found out about the reality of the drone attacks, they would take out bigger protests in London and USA.

Imran Khan thanked the other political parties to join the sit-in for a cause and invited Javed Hashmi and Marvi Memon to join his party.

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