Pakistan demands legal accord on intelligence sharing with US

ISLAMABAD: Political and military leadership of the country has demanded of US to shape into legal accord the matters related to intelligence sharing and cooperation in war on terror as to ensure that US sticks to its commitments.

According to media reports the leadership has made it clear on US authorities that the steps taken in the perspective of cooperation in war against terrorism since 2001 are not covered by any legal accord.

Therefore, US have not delivered several commitments made with Pakistan and this has led to enhance mistrust in several matters. Like wise US has not taken into full confidence government of Pakistan and army on Raymond Davis and intelligence sharing matters.

The matter was taken up by the Pakistani military leadership in recent meetings with US joint chiefs of staff Admiral Mike Mullen, US army chief Gen Martin Dempsey and CIA chief Leonne Panetta.

A local news agency by quoting his sources told that the proposal in this respect was put forth by ISI chief Lt Gen Ahmad Shujja Pasha and government had also accepted it.

Sources told US military leadership had held out assurance that it would discuss this matter with US authorities and the matters related to intelligence sharing and cooperation in war against terrorism between the two countries would be given shape of legal treaty after its approval. Talks process would be initiated in this regard.

Defence sources told the ongoing cooperation between the armies of two countries would not be affected as Pakistan and US had already signed several agreements on this count. New treaty would be limited to intelligence sharing and vital steps to be taken for elimination of terrorism. All the points to be made part of this accord would be given final shape through talks process.

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