Pakistani entertainment industry lost four legend actors in one month

ISLAMABAD: The whole entertainment industry of Pakistan goes in shock after losing four of its legend actors who died in a small period of one month.

Liaqat Soldier was the first who died on March 31 by heart attack during the recording of a morning show on local TV channel. The second actor who died was Mastana, another famous name of stage. Mastana died on April 11, in Bahawalpur. He was suffering from Hepatitis C.

Soon after Mastana’s death another very famous name of stage, television and film industry Babu Baral, left the world. Babu, died at the age of 55 on April 16. He was suffering from Hepatitis and other diseases.

The entertainment industry might not recovered from all these sudden shocks when they heard another shocking news of the legend comedian actor Moeen Akhtar, who left the world at the age of 61. Moeen, was suffering from heart complications and died on April 22.

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