India offers cheap electricity to Pak

ISLAMABAD: Federal Commerce Secretary Zafar Mehmood on Wednesday said that India has offered to sell electricity at cheap rates, however, he adding that India’s offer will be discussed at the meeting of the Commerce Secretaries of India and Pakistan to be held in Islamabad during April 27-28.

“We have not received any application from India side for Pak-Afghan transit trade”, he said this while talking to media men outside the Parliament house. He claimed that India has declared Pakistan as a favorable country for investment.

We have some reservation that’s why we have not given any status to India, he said, adding that, all the issues would be discussed with India during the talks.

Answering to a question, the commerce secretary said, talks with India are heading in very cordial way. Talks between both countries were halted in 2008 and we want to resume dialogue from same stage, he said.

Declaring India a major obstacle in trade concessions offered by the European Union to Pakistan as well as easy access for Pakistani products to European Union, he said, EU is taking up the issue with India. Federal Commerce Minister Makhdoom Amin Fahim has also written a letter to Indian Commerce minister in this regard.

India, he said, should accept trade relations between Pakistan and EU. Trade links between EU and Pakistan would not cause any negative effect on Indian’s import and export, he added.

Pakistan, he said, wants to work with the European Union to get greater market access. The General Council of World Trade Council will be meeting in May and Pakistan would also participate in the meeting.

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