NRO Case: PM to be summoned if no one gives arguments, says CJP

ISLAMABAD: Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry has observed Supreme Court (SC) is being ridiculed and if no one gives argument then Prime Minister (PM) will be summoned.

CJP made this observation while presiding over 17-member larger bench of SC during the course of hearing of NRO review petition here Monday.

During the hearing CJP remarked, “ Court is being ridiculed. Some times counsel is changed and some times advocate on the record is changed. What federation wants finally? If no one gives arguments then PM will be summoned If the attitude of government remains as it is then stay in regard to implementation of NRO verdict will be vacated”.

Advocate on the record Raja Abdul Ghafoor said he could no more represent the federation, therefore, he be allowed to withdraw from the case being his audibility power weak.

Additional Attorney General (AAG) KK Agha said government wanted to hire counsel of its own choice. “Federation did not allow me to plead the case, he told. How can I give arguments without permission? Rules provide no room for appearing in the court on behalf of federation and I will appear if rules allow me”, he argued.

“It means you don’t want to advance arguments. There is no counsel from government side before us. This is the best justification for dismissing review petition against NRO verdict. If government continues with such attitude then stay in NRO implementation case will be vacated. SC order 21 is very clear Rules allow you to give arguments”, CJP observed.

CJP said advocate on record should withdraw his decision otherwise his license would be cancelled. If government has no trust on its chief law officer then it is matter of grave concern. We are not discriminating against any one. What treatment is meted out to common man, the federation will be given the same treatment. Every thing is being done without bringing it to the notice of PM”, CJP said.

When asked by CJP to give the arguments, Attorney General (AG) Moulvi Anwar ul Haq tried to escape on the excuse that federation had not issued any directives to him in this respect.

“We are ready to allow time to you. But you should give the arguments. Federation has no trust either on Kamal Azfar or advocate on the record. Neither the AAG nor AG wanted to give arguments. NRO was sent to parliament and they did not touch it. It was thrown outside the parliament. Now it has come again in the court and government is using dirty tactics. Implementation was stayed due to review petition. If such attitude on the part of government persists then we vacate the stay. 18th amendment case was adjourned due to this case. Federation has trust on whom”, CJP remarked.

KK Agha said “ I have failed to convince competent authority. Time be allowed for consultation with federation”.

“It is evident from your statement federation has no trust on you”, CJP remarked.

“Government has trust on me. I will inform the court tomorrow”, KK Agha said.

“Federation has not allowed me to assist the court and government wants to appoint counsel of its own choice”, AG said.

Advocate on the record told the court he had presented his withdrawal certificate some times before.

When the court summoned his record from law ministry then the solicitor general of law ministry appeared and told the court record pertaining to withdrawal of advocate on the record had been found missing and even the file of letter is also not traceable.

“Several legal complications have been created due to approval of his withdrawal without file”, CJP said. If the file was available at the time of approval of withdrawal, CJP inquired. File was not available, solicitor general told.

The court while issuing show cause notices to solicitor general Nasir Ahmad advocate and advocate on the record Raja Abdul Ghafoor for giving wrong statement has adjourned the hearing of the case till today.

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