Investigations regarding Air Blue plane crash still not surfaced

ISLAMABAD: Despite a time passage of more than 8 months, the investigations regarding the ill-fated AirBlue plane crash have still not surfaced.

The relatives of the ill-fated victims, who all died in that tragic accident, visited the site of the tragedy and laid flower wreaths at the site, and graves; while also demanding immediate release of crash report.

It is pertinent to remember that on the fateful intense rainy day of 28th July 2010, an Airbus if private airline, Air Blue crashed in Margalla Mountains, after which the governemnt had formed a 8-member committee to probe the accident; considering the fact that even the black box of the ill-fated plane was also found intact and forwarded to France for decoding.

The relatives of the dead victims have demanded the government for immediate release of black box and also building a monument at the crash site.

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