PIMS’ young doctors call off strike, YDA still on strike

ISLAMABAD: Young Doctors in PIMS Tuesday called off strike after meeting Secretary Health Nargis Sethi with them in the hospital.

However, the strike was not called off by young doctors in other hospitals as Young Doctors Association (YDA) President in Islamabad is so far hesitant to end the strike.

Young Doctors Association (YDA) President in Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Dr. Sajid Abbasi announced that he call off the strike continuing for long. He also announced that wearing of the black tape would also be abandoned from Wednesday. This was the first ever talks of the government officials with YDA leaders in PIMS as Abbasi was not part of the talks that the health ministry and Senate held with YDA leadership in the Capital and Federal Government Services Hospitals’ young doctors.

After the meeting, talking to media men Sethi said that the government accepted demands of the doctors and a notification in this connection would issued within a week. She also announced in increase in practicing allowance for the doctors.

It is pertinent to mention that YDA in the Capital had 14-point demands like regularization of the contractual over 300 doctors, job structures, pay raise, high-risk allowance, call allowance and others for which they were holding strikes.

YDA President for Islamabad Dr. Muhammad Ajmal was stressing that the government has two choice either to accept the demands as a whole or reject it.

“So far no notification was issued and we are unaware of the details of the talks that the ministry held with the leadership in PIMS, however the development is positive,” he told Online.

However, even if the dialogue proved successful a token protest would continue in solidarity with YDA in Punjab as the YDA in Islamabad and the former are chapters of each other, he added.

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