Whole Pakistani nation is united against terrorism: PM

TASHKENT: Prime Minister Syed Yousaf Raza Gilani has said that although he had backing of the parliament but the government was following the reconciliation policy and trying to take all the political parties on board.

He said this during the meeting with the Speaker of Uzbekistan Assembly Daladam Tashi Mehmooda at Tashkent. He said that the constitution of 1973 has been fully restored in his original form.

“Whole Pakistani nation is united against terrorism but all the regional countries would have to adopt the mutual strategy to curb this global menace. Pakistan has given lot of sacrifices in the war against terror”. Gillani added.

PM told the Uzbek Speaker that the PPP led government does not believe in political victimization and in spite the fact that he personally faced five years imprisonment; he has not taken revenge from anyone. At present not even a single politician was sent to jail on political enmity

He said that the government is facing two major challenges and that are rooting out the terrorism and revival of economy. On the occasion Prime Minister invited Uzbek Speaker to Pakistan which he has accepted.

On the occasion Speaker Uzbekistan Assembly said that Uzbekistan is desirous to see prosperous and strong Pakistan. Prime Minister also visited the different parts of Uzbekistan Parliament.

Later Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gillani also went to famous Islamic heritage center, Imam Complex where he saw the copy of that Holy Quran which was recited by third caliph Hazrat Usman Ghani (RA) at the time of his martyrdom. During visit to Imam Complex Uzbek Prime Minister Shaukat Mirzayuf was also flanked with him.

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4 comments on “Whole Pakistani nation is united against terrorism: PM

  1. EU are aware of the fact that if terrorism is not stopped, they too would be becoming its victims soon. Therefore, they have taken a timely measure of providing Pakistan with the modern technology to stop the usage of improvised explosive devices by the terrorists.

  2. Agree. Improvised explosive devices can only be stopped if detected, and the recent gadgets would definitely help Pakistan and other terrorism-plagued regions to get rid of this menace.

  3. I wonder if our Government is taking any measures to stop the production of improvised explosive devices.

  4. Improvised explosive devices may not be as powerful as the classical bombs, however the devastation they cause is of the same scale. It is proven again and again.

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