Desecration of Holy Quran in Florida: Countrywide protests today

RAWALPINDI: Protest day will be observed throughout the country here on Friday on call of different religious and political parties against desecration of Holy Quran by a US Pastor in Florida.

According to the representative of Qauid e Millat Jafriya Pakistan Sikandar Abbas Gilani said Countrywide protest will be launched on Friday against heinous act of desecration of Holy Quran, sheer violence on innocent Bahrainis, killings of innocent citizens in attacks of NATO Army in Libya and release of Raymond Davis.

Protest day will also be observed throughout the country on the call of president of Jamaat e Islami Pakistan Syed Munawwar Hassan. On this occasion cleric in Mosques would pass Condemnation resolution against desecration of Holy Quran.

JUP will celebrate the “day of dignity of Holy Quran” on appeal of Central leader of Jamiat e Ulema e Islam Pakistan (JUP) Dr. Sahibzada Zubair Abu Al Kher. Whereas JUP and the sub organizations of JUP will also launch protest rallies.

Dr. Sahibzada Zubair Abu Al Kher said in its issued statement “ the priest and its associates involved in desecration of Holy Quran would not escape the wrath of God. The said incident has proved that America is the open enemy of Muslims and it is keen to demolish Islam for the supremacy of cross.”

Protest demonstrations and Rallies would also be launched in Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Jamaat e Ahl e Sunnat, Sunni Tehriq e Pakistan, Shabab Islami Pakistan has also announced protest against odious priest.

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  1. Ever cruel move from a US Pastor in Florida by desecration of Holy Quran. On top of it the guy claims that the Constitution of the United States has allowed me to express myself.

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