PML-Q ready to become sleeping partner of PPP

LAHORE: Pakistan Muslim League (Q) on Monday decided to become sleeping partner of the PPP government in centre and vowed to even vote for Premier Gilani as and when required.

Online news quoting his sources said “PML-Q President Chaudhary Shujat Hussain and the party’s advisory council held a brainstorming session here on Monday and resolved to go to any extent in protecting the democratic system,” sources privy to the meeting told.

“Neither we are hungry for ministries nor would we accept any, but we have decided to ward off the political government from conspirators and lotacracy (turncoats) designing to derail the democratic system,” added the sources giving out the crux of the Monday’s meeting.

To a question, the sources confirmed that the PML-Q would not hesitate in voting for the passage of the PPP-led government’s next budget in June. “Not only that we would standby for voting in favor budgetary proposals in the interest of public, we would vehemently oppose any efforts to fail its passage,” the sources observed. The PML-Q has also vowed to come up with budget proposal aimed at uplifting standard of living of down trodden classes of the society.

Even before the budget event, PML-Q would welcome and support President Asif Ali Zardari’s address to joint sitting of the Parliament on March 21, the sources said in a committal tone. “We are duty bound to uphold democratic as well as parliamentary traditions and spirits,” the sources said.

“We should not be misread as becoming part of the ruling coalition, but we are only interested in ensuring the continuity of the democratic process in the country,” the sources explained objectives of the decision taken on Monday.

Asked another question, the sources categorically turned down the impression that PML-Q was interested in forming government in Punjab by joining hands with the PPP and thus challenging its arch rival PML-N rule in the largest province of the country.

“We do not want any political government to fall ahead of time be that of PML-N in Punjab or the PPP-led in the centre,” the sources said adding, “But we would also not tolerate people on the ‘Throne of Lahore’ tarnishing democratic practices and traditions by promoting and encouraging turncoats,”

Drawing attention towards the ongoing crises in the health sector in Punjab, the sources said, the PML-N government in the province has simply failed to attend the issues of doctors and nurses that had been protesting for the last three weeks. As resultantly of health professionals’ strike poor patents are wondering on the roads of Lahore and other cities seeking medical treatment that they seldom afford in the private capacities.

Similarly, the PML-Q has decided to unveil the alleged incompetence on part of the Chief Minister (who prefers him to be called as chief servant). The third largest party in the National Assembly has also decided not to spare Lotas (turncoats) that betrayed the party and formed a so-called Unification block in order to land in the pockets of the Sharif brothers.

Immediately after the meeting, the PML-Q MPAs joined hands with their PPP colleague to demonstrate a Lota Procession in front of the Punjab Assembly. It clearly indicated that the PPP and the PML-Q have not only reached an agreement in principle alone but also have stepped on a joint political move.

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