Telenor to invest in hydropower generation in AJK

ISLAMABAD: Tele communication group Telenor would invest in hydro power generation in Azad Jammu and Kashmir and provide the internship to the educated youth there. In addition Telenor would extent its communication network to Nelum Valley and other far flung area of AJK.

A meeting was held here on Wednesday between AJK Minister for Information ,Environment and Overseas Kashmiris Mehmood Riaz and the country head of Telenor(Corporate Sector) Amir Izhar-ul-Haq.

On the occasion the prospective of hydro power generation was discussed and many areas in AJK were pointed out where the possibility of hydro power generation was present.

Mehmood Riaz during the meeting said that due to shortage of industries in AJK, the students of engineering universities and technical institutions face a lot of problems in completing the internship . So Telenor should provide facility of training to the qualified youth of AJK.

The minister said that that after fulfilling the environmental requirement Telenor might install their tower in far flung areas of AJK including Nelum Valley so that the people there may get the cellular as well as internet services.

AJK Information Minister reiterated his resolve that the governmentof AJK wants to convey the tele communication to every corner of AJK. The land of AJK is very potential to develop the tourism in the area but due the communicational problems , the tourists hesitate to visit there . So government would provide every possible support to the company which would fetch this facility to AJK.

He assured the country head of Telenor that government of AJK would facilitate the company in getting NOC from Forest Department. Telenor Chief assured AJK minister to remove the complaint regarding weak communication signals in AJK.

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