Not possible to work with PPP anymore: MQM

ISLAMABAD: Political situation in the metropolis of Karachi once again turned warm as the government ally MQM after boycotting Sindh assembly’s session announced Monday that it was not possible to be a PPP ally anymore.

The decision was taken after MQM coordination (Rabta) committees’ simultaneous meetings in London and Karachi the country’s financial capital, late night.

MQM’s coordination committee said that after the statements made by Sindh Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza, they cannot work in collaboration with the PPP hence the MQM representatives of the Sindh assembly will boycott the session.

In the meeting statements by the Sindh Home Minister Dr. Zulfiqar Mirza which said that that the People’s Amn Committee is a part of Pakistan People’s Party were condemned. PPP’s support for the criminal gang and its members was also condemned.

It was established in the meeting that Zulfiqar Mirza was supporting the criminals of the People’s Amn Committee and its criminal elements due to which kidnapping for ransom, Robberies and extorting money from market associations, industrialist, traders and vendors have increased.

MQM’s coordination committee decided that their representative of Sindh Assembly and National Assembly will boycott all the sessions from today.

Talking to media after the boycott and meetings MQM leader Raza Haroon said that his party had repeatedly conveyed to Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leadership that terrorists, criminal elements and the culprits behind the tragedy in Shershah are supported by certain PPP members in the Sindh assembly. “But ours this message was taken seriously,” he said.

Now we are condemning in the strongest possible words the statement of the PPP provincial Senior Vice President and Interior Minister Sindh Doctor Zulfiqar Mirza as he termed the group of extortionists and terrorists, People’s Peace Committee, as sub-organization of PPP.

After meetings in London and Karachi and deliberation, the MQM concluded that Mirza is guardian of the terrorists’ group People’s Peace committee, he said, adding, “Therefore we announce that MQM can no longer collaborate with PPP.”

Flanked by Haider Abbasi Rizvi, Faisal Sabazwari and Wasih Jalil, the MQM leader said that the meetings also decided to formally inform Pakistan President and the Prime Minister of the situation in a meeting but meanwhile Boycott from the sessions of the provincial assembly and the parliament would continue.

Earlier, MQM boycotted the Sindh assembly’s session when it started under chairmanship of Speaker Nisar Ahmad Khoro. While PPP members in the assembly welcomed arrival of the interior minister by thumping the desks and titled him as Sher-e-Karachi.

Meanwhile, Talking to media before start of the session Mirza said that boycotting assembly sessions is a style of MQM and PPP has its own peculiar style. Liyarians are part of PPP, he said.

On Sunday Mirza had said that People’s Peace Committee is sub-organization of PPP. MQM has reservations regarding role of the committee and blame it for law and order as well as terrorism.

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