TTP claims responsibility of Minister’s assassination

A view of the interior of the car where blood of the Federal Minister for Minorities Affairs Shahbaz Bhatti can be seen after the minister was murdered by four unknown persons when he was riding on his car near his home at I-8/3

ISLAMABAD: Taliban has claimed responsibility for carrying out assassination of federal minister for minorities Shahbaz Bhatti here on Wednesday.

Four militants Wednesday who assassinated Shahbaz Bhatti escaped unharmed after firing 25 shots at Shah Bhatti’s car

Pamphlets attributed to Al-Qaeda and Tehrik-i-Taliban Punjab (TTP), a branch of the Taliban in Punjab were found at shooting site.

“This is punishment for a person who committed and supported blasphemy,” said a police officer who read a pamphlet left at the crime scene

TTP spokesperson Ehsanullah Ahsan made a round of telephone calls to media organizations to claim responsibility for the murder

Bhatti was reportedly en rout to a cabinet meeting when the gunmen attacked in a residential area.

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