Govt made a secret plan to regularize contract employees

ISLAMABAD: Government has evolved secret plan to regularize services of contract employees re-employed after retirement despite Supreme Court orders for their removal from service.

In keeping with this plan, the contract employees of ministry of information and technology, ministry of communication and ministry of finance and their subordinate departments will be regularized in first phase.

Cabinet committee is holding an important meeting in this respect under the chairmanship of minister for religious affairs Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah in Pakistan secretariat.

Initially the matters related to regularization of contract employees from ministry of finance and its subordinate departments including National Bank of Pakistan (NBP) and Zarai Tarqiati Bank (ZTB) will be reviewed in the meeting.

In addition to it, such matters related to contract employees of ministry for information and technology and its subordinate department Telephone Industries of Pakistan and ministry of communication and its subordinate department National Highways Authority (NHA) will come under consideration.

All the heads of these ministries and their subordinate departments had been directed to submit complete list of all their contract employees to committee so process of their regularization may be completed by the committee as soon as possible.

The secretary for finance, secretary for communication and secretary for information technology had been specially called in the meeting, Online learnt.

On the other hand sources told that executive vice-president of NBP, Fazlur Rehman was re-employed on contract basis after his retirement on January, 20, 2007 and was still working on this post.

As per staff service rules of NBP, any bank employee can work on contract basis for one year subject to approval from federal government and he will enjoy all the privileges and perks which are available to serving bank employee. Fazlur Rehman is availing facilities and perks beyond those of regular employee in defiance of rules and regulations of bank, the sources added.

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  1. I want to invite Chief Minister of Punjab’s attention regarding the proposed regularization of the Govt. employees in Punjab specially those selected through Punjab Public Service Commission. The matter has been fallen prey of Red strips.
    I am attaching a copy of a notification by S&GAD. Govt. of Punjab dated Nov 10, 2010, regarding regularization of the contract employees in 16 and above Scales, especially those selected through Punjab Public Service Commission. The commission’s screening of candidates is tough and off course on merit. It can be described by this example: In selection of Botany lecturers (in 2009), out of 2800 female candidates only 300 toppers were called for interview based upon the written exam and academic records. Then in interviews out of 300, only 26 candidates were offered a position as Lecturer on contract basis. (Success rate is 0.93 only, in this case). This tedious exercise took 2 prolonged years.
    Now, after issuance of the said notification (more than four months have been passed) the lecturers are still waiting for any progress in this regard. The Higher Education department is waiting for what? Through your reputed paper I want to remind authorities (CM Shahbaz Sharif sb and Secretary Higher Education) to issue orders to do it at earliest to dissolve the unrest. There are no two opinions that mental confidence and satisfaction is the key for motivation and performance.
    Moreover, Instead of any more expenses on the regularization of teachers/employees, Govt. of Punjab will have rather financial benefits as she has to pay less than now being paid as extra allowances due to contract policy. It is carefully estimated that on an average Govt. will save at least Rs.5000/per employee by regularizing them. In spite of expected cut in salaries, the employees strongly desire to be regularized (mainly due to sense of security) at earliest just like the school side teachers were done in 2010.

  2. It has been reported that Punjab Agriculture Department has completed the cases for regularizing the contract employees BS 16 and above as per Nov 2010 notification. The Higher Education Deptt. has still not invited the cases and has taken no initiatives in this regard. Irum

  3. Kindly tell me this news status now, it will regularized all federal government employs?, and kindly tell me the departments which are running under Ministry of Defense its contractual employees will regularized?

  4. I am Shabbir Ali From Gilgit work As Regular contract Lecturers(26) last seven years under PCB, IT ministry selected Equivalent test interview FPSC as Permission Govt NEC Meeting, and GB Assembly passed resulation for permanent adjustment of our job.still we wait our regular adjustment please include as special case Syed Khurshid Ahmad Shah in Pakistan secretariat.

  5. why punjab tevta contract employees are not going regular, it is not justis shahbaz sharif should notice it

  6. TEVTA Punjab has been formed since 1999 as an autonomous body under the Govt. of the Punjab for Technical, Vocational and Commerce, Education.It has first induced teaching staff in 2003 but after passing 8 years, it has neither yet regularized its employees nor organized a proper salary structure according to Govt. Rules & Regulations, in-spite of the order of Supreme Court as well as High Court. Now Govt. of Punjab has also decided to regularized all remaining employees of Punjab. So it is our request to the Chief Minister and all other concerning authorities to make proper arrangements for Service Structure as well as regularization of Deprived TEVTA Contract employees. Thanks
    All TEVTA Contract Employees PUNJAB

  7. Please regular the employees whose work on PM package under the ministry of defence  HIT Taxila  

  8. Please regular all the daily wages and contractual employees who are working in Pakistan National Shipping Corporation, Karachi under the ministry of Port and Shipping. 

    I am not understand why the Minister of MQM (i.e Baber Ghouri) is not interested to regularize the employee of PNSC.

  9. I want to invite Minister Finance attention regarding the regularization of the Govt. employees in FBR (Federal Board of Revenue) specially field offices those have joined the department on contract under the Prime Minister’s of Pakistan Package for assistance for families of government employees who died during service. 

  10. salam Kindly tell me this news status now, it will regularized all federal government employs like NTDC etc?, and kindly tell me the departments which are running under Ministry of Defense its contractual employees will regularized?

  11. The SSGC is also under control of ministry then why the Hon’ble Subcommittee of Cabinet do not lookafter the contract / casual & daily wages employees of SSGC ( Sind – Balochistan ) whom are not being regularized. while they are working since last 20/25 or less then 5 years. Many employees are having Master degrees / BA (LLB) or less. It is necessary to mention here that all contract employees have served their all enarge for the aforementioned department but instead of appricate they have been ignore in all. I / we ( Contract / casual & Daily Wages Employees of SSGC) appeal/request to the Ministry or Subcommittee of Cabinet (Chairman Mr. Syed Khursheed Shah) to call the management of SSGC & futher give instruction to regularized all such employees whom are working in SSGC.

  12. Janab Khadame Aala Punjab Janab Mohatram Muhammad Shahbaz Sharif Sahab app ne contract policy bana key jo zulam kia hai ab bus kar do aur employeed a post on contract in project & jab project non-development me convert ho jaatta hai to jo staff project main kam kar raha hotta hai kam sem kam us staff ko us tree ke saya main kuch din bathinay ki ijazat ho janab salary to new appointee ko bhi dey gey app agar us employee ko he de dei jay jis ka us kam me experience hai …….. khuda ke liya kuch raham karo hum ne app ki muslim leage isi laya chore di Badasha salamat raham karo…………………………….

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