PML-N split its ways with PPP

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Muslim League (N) has parted its ways with Pakistan Peoples Party in Punjab after failing of federal government to implement 10 point agenda given by PML(N) to PPP within 45 days deadline.

This was disclosed by Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif , leader of PML(N) during a press conference here at Punjab House on Friday. “We don’t want to be the part of the game anymore . We are forced to say good bye to PPP . From now on we are two separate parties”, Nawaz Sharif added.

He said that the hard decision was taken after the wait of three long years that PML(N) gave to PPP to act upon Charter of Democracy (CoD). Now his party will play the real role of opposition for the betterment of the people as well as country.

He told the journalists that in spite of listening taunting language from every nook and corner , his party always supported PPP during last three years for the survival of democracy. “We worked to put the CoD into practice in its true letter and spirit but every time we were mocked by the ruling Peoples Party.”, he added.

The leader of PML(N) said that it was really a harsh verdict to take oath from Pervez Musharraf but his party joined cabinet despite not having any desire on the repeated requests from President Asif Ali Zardari.

Within first month after induction of cabinet Zardari broke all his pledges when PML(N) raised the voice for restoration of judiciary . Then it was decided between the two parties that in presence of 17th amendment, both PPP and PML(N) would not field their candidates for presidentship. Afterwards Zardari without taking into confidence decided to contest presidential elections.

The former Prime Minister said that at one time Asif Zardari made the promise that within 24 hours after expulsion of President Musharraf, the judiciary would be restored which was not fulfilled.

He informed the media that the main point of difference was that when President Zardari asked him to ratify the unconstitutional measures of tyrant Pervez Musharraf .

“Later through ‘Dogar Court’ I and Shahbaz Sharif were declared disqualified. The apex judiciary was not restored and Governor Rule was implemented in Punjab”. At this juncture PML(N) with the support of lawyers and public , carried out a long march for the restoration of judiciary. When the long march reached Gujranwala, the Prime Minister announced to reinstate the judges and long march turned back instead of moving towards Islamabad . This was the good gesture shown by PML(N) otherwise if the long march would have been reached federal capital , it would have turned the table.

He said that PML(N) gave chances to PPP again and again . “At last we gave 10 point agenda to the federal government but it was shocking to note that none of the point was acted upon. Practically PPP did nothing for the eradication of corruption, closing down the load shedding and even most corrupt elements were given key slots in different national institutions.

He said that PPP left no other option for PML(N) expect to take different route in center and PPP.

Responding to a question Nawaz Sharif said that his party played no role in the constitution of unification group in Punjab assembly. “ They were those members of PML(N) that were misguided when Musharraf broke-in the democratic government. Anyone who did not cause any loss to the party would be welcomed back in PML(N)

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