Raymond has diplomatic immunity, says Fauzia

KARACHI: In the first sign of giving in to the US pressure on the Raymond Davis case, ruling Pakistan Peoples Party spokesperson Fouzia Wahab said Monday that the arrested American official has diplomatic immunity.

At a press conference on Monday, Fouzia said that the “Vienna Convention grants diplomatic immunity to diplomatic as well as technical staff”. She said that under Pakistani law PLD 1972 all diplomats enjoy immunity.

“Pakistan is a signatory of the Vienna Convention and we must keep the law in mind before giving emotional statements,” she said, adding that “the courts are now looking at the case and would decide accordingly”.

She said that along with Raymond Davis we also have to consider the 1 million Pakistanis working in US. US is the largest market of products and 80 percent of revenue comes from US.

She said under the present circumstances Pakistan has to abide by the law and we would not damage our diplomatic ties with US

In response to a question, Fouzia said that then foreign minister “Shah Mehmood Qureshi had violated party discipline by issuing irresponsible statements on such a sensitive issue”.

Qureshi had said that US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US envoy to Pakistan Cameron Munter telephoned him and put pressure to “confirm diplomatic immunity for Raymond although it was not confirmed by Foreign Office records”.

Earlier in a statement Fauzia Wahab said the party was united and those talking of its fall would be proved wrong in their predictions and would bite the dust like in the past.

She said the PPP was symbol of the Federation and no other party is capable of uniting the Federation because PPP is the only political force having national support and has proved its popularity in the four provinces.

Referring to the statement by former foreign minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi, Fouzia said he was among a few members of the party selected to rule the country,but it remained the prerogative of the party leadership to decide on what task was to be given to its members and they were obliged to accept it.

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